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DB Systemtechnik tests new e320

First successful measurement run through the Channel Tunnel on behalf of Siemens AG • Measurement runs are part of the general approval

(Munich, 15 December 2014) On behalf of Siemens AG, DB Systemtechnik has completed the first measurement runs in the Channel Tunnel between Calais and Folkestone with the new Velaro-type Eurostar e320. The measurement runs are part of the approval package for the Eurostar train, which was presented recently in London St. Pancras. Measured pantograph data was successfully recorded during the test run on 15 November. The drawback here was that only one single measurement run was available in each direction for the tests in the Channel Tunnel. The measurement runs through the Channel Tunnel had been preceded by test runs from 80 km/h to 230 km/h between the Dollands Moor marshalling yard at the English Channel Tunnel portal and Lenham, which is located around 30 kilometres away. Diverse brake and function tests were carried out. Moreover, the train travelled along almost the entire HS1 high-speed line from Folkestone to London Stratford. The last third of the line totalling 110 kilometres passes through two single-line tunnels of around 10 kilometres in length, which place particular demands on the aerodynamics of the pantographs due to their very small cross-sections. DB Systemtechnik had meticulously prepared these first measurement runs in Great Britain and the Channel Tunnel and provided project management and test personnel including pantograph measurement experts and train drivers. Moreover, the train was equipped with applicable measuring test equipment such as a measurement pantograph. Furthermore, the drivers underwent specific driver training for the HS1 high-speed line prior to the measurement runs. The return journey through the Channel Tunnel, in which a further test programme was run, took place at the end of November. In the meantime, further test runs have taken place on the HS1 in Great Britain at speeds of up to 300 km/h. With around 800 employees, DB Systemtechnik is Europe's largest competence centre for railway technology. The company can also provide expert assessment and engineering services at both national and European levels.