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Faster approval of your vehicle with our support

We support your entire approvals process – from the on-line running test to verification.

DB Systemtechnik covers the complete range of services required for obtaining approval for placing vehicles on the market (GIF as per the 4th Railway Package).
This means we can offer you a customised approval procedure that is efficient, reliable and compliant with national and European requirements.

DB Systemtechnik's resources and expertise in the approvals process:

  • Our own test rigs and laboratories for the tests
  • Our own assessors/inspectors and experts for all technical topics relevant to approval
  • Our own rail company with complete handling of the on-line running tests and inspection runs (incl. driver, traction unit, measuring wagon)

At a glance – DB Systemtechnik's entire verification procedure as part of the approvals process

Our cooperation partner, Railway Approvals Germany GmbH (RAG), is Designated Body (DeBo) in Germany and DB Systemtechnik is DeBo in Luxembourg. We inspect the fulfilment of national requirements within the approvals process and issue the necessary certificates of conformity.

Furthermore, we act as an associated partner of the DeBo EISENBAHN-CERT (EBC) in Germany. Our cooperation partner Railway Approvals Limited (RAL) is DeBo in the United Kingdom (UK).

We use a Notified Body (NoBo) to assess compliance with the European approval requirements that are laid down in the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) in accordance with Directive (EU) 2016/797.

We carry out the inspection and certification with our cooperation partners, the NoBo Railway Approvals Germany GmbH (RAG) and the NoBo Railway Approvals Limited (RAL) from Great Britain, and as an associated partner of the NoBos EISENBAHN-CERT (EBC).

We are Assessment Body (AsBo) and perform the independent safety assessment of the risk management procedure for you in case of safety-relevant and significant changes, or of the recording of requirements and prepare the safety assessment report.

Furthermore, we cooperate with the British AsBo Railway Approvals Limited (RAL).