Deutsche Bahn

Consulting and planning for vehicle maintenance

We design, set up and optimise maintenance systems and their infrastructure

We offer engineering services in the fields of conceptual design, installation and optimisation of all elemts of the maintenance system for railway application and it’s infrastructure.

This includes the design, implementation support and introduction of testing and diagnostics equipment as well as automated condition monitoring systems and the associated IT solutions with functional operations management.


We provide the support you need to assist you with your project requirements as they pertain to rail traffic tenders, infrastructure adaptations to accommodate new vehicles, capacity enhancements and modernisation measures.
Technical support for energy supply companies as part of rail traffic tenders
Examination of options, feasibility studies and cost estimates for workshop-related projects
Drafting of conversion and adaptation concepts
Consulting and support for devising plant development concepts
Systems planning for vehicle treatment systems
Profitability analyses
Analysis and optimisation of production processes
Enhancement of production techniques
Planning for technical machine equipment
Drafting of user-specific technical specifications and performance programmes
Technical support for the procurement process and acceptance and commissioning of technical machine equipment
Enhancement of interfaces between the vehicle and workshop infrastructure
•Logistics concepts and warehouse planning

Comprehensive know-how of vehicles, their technical components, maintenance activities, maintenance systems and associated technology.

Production assistance for all technical vehicle problems encountered, including troubleshooting and rectification and differences/discrepancies between the operative vehicle condition and documentation information

  • Lacking/conflicting standards in the regulations
  • Clarification of material problems and material identification
  • Instructions/tutorials for maintenance personnel
  • Drafting of work, testing and measurement instructions
  • Accompaniment of new work and measurement methods
  • Drawing and documentation management
  • Assessment of wear and accident damage

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