Deutsche Bahn

Measurement & diagnostic systems for rail infrastructure - mobile (ESAH and Scorpion)

Point optimization - from condition monitoring and prognosis to recommendations for action

A frog is an essential part of a railway crossing. it ensures, that the vehicle wheels run unhindered over the track at the points of intersection of two railway lines.

Damage to frogs can lead to failure of the crossing and cause more than 30% of all maintenance costs. In addition, disruptions to them have a significant negative impact on operations.

DB Systemtechnik sets new standards with the measurement & diagnosis systems ESAH and Scorpion and supports you in the maintenance of your crossings.

Your benefits:

  • Better planning of your maintenance and reduction of maintenance costs by up to 40%
  • Improvement of the operational quality by reducing operational disruptions by 30-50%
  • Enhanced service life by up to 50%
  • Reduction of noise emissions by up to -5dB
  • Increased safety through current condition assessment and forecast

However, by recognizing and forecasting the condition of the frog "in time" with the ideal implementation of measures, you can significantly reduce your effort.

  • Installation of switches: quality control during acceptance/commissioning of the new switches
  • Maintenance control and repair of switches: technical/economic optimization of the use of personnel, technology and technologies for the individual load situation.
  • Evaluation of maintenance measures
  • Monitoring of operation/availability: quantitative data-based condition assessment and forcast of the damage to be expected 

 From "Find and Fix" to "Predict und Prevent"

  • Condition monitoring/assessment of the frog with the help of the mobile measuring and diagnostic device "ESAH-Mobil"
  • 3D geometry measurement of the frog using the "Scorpion" laser scanner
  • Data evaluation and assessment of the geometry of the frog
  • Evaluation of the results on the basis of technical expertise - superstructure, material and construction
  • Development of recommendations for action to carry out operational maintenance and optimization of the frog (material, geometry, construction)

ESAH-Mobil acceleration measurement system *
Electronic System Analysis in the crossing

  • Recording of the load on crossings
  • Measurement of accelerations and distance travelled
  • Assessment of environmental impact (noise, vibrations)

*In Cooperation with Witt Solutions GmbH

Scorpion 3D geometry measurement **

  • Scanning of the crossing components
  • Recording of the true geometry
  • Displayed in own assessment software tool or as a 3D volume model
  • Comparison of geometry to the reference "as built" model

** In Cooperation with Goldschmitt GRAW-PL