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Specialist railway engineering

Rolling stock is our business: we solve problems large and small.

In this product segment, we offer competent, independent and recognised services focused on vehicles and their components as well as cover those areas in which the vehicles and components interact with the environment (e.g. aerodynamics, acoustics, EMC) and with railway infrastructure (e.g. command and control systems). The field of specialist engineering provides support to our internal and external customers at the modular and technical levels for fleet management and when it comes to specifications and functional requirements for procurement projects.

Comprehensive battery of consultation services and a vast level of system and component experience obtained as a result of many years of experience in maintaining all vehicles operated by DB AG:

  • Customised user support
  • Approvals and instructions on site
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Design revisions and documentation of changes in construction
  • Technical testing and assessment of events

Safeguarding of needs-based and quality-focused coordination of procurement processes:

  • Coordination of requirements
  • Market overview updates
  • Drafting of design specifications/technical specifications
  • Coordination of tendering activities
  • Assessment (including LCC assessment)
  • Development and production-based monitoring of compliance with specified requirements
  • Coordination of testing and trial testing activities
  • First article inspections
  • Trial testing of prototypes and preproduction series
  • Sample deconstruction/dismantling and testing of maintainability
  • Individual acceptance tests (routine tests)

Monitoring of operational reliability/warranty management

  • Accident and event documentation
  • Recommendation of immediate actions
  • Drafting of an investigation plan
  • Conductance of independent damage investigations
  • Creation of expert appraisals
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Submittal of technical statements and recommendations
  • Analysis of findings and recommendation of required rectification measures
  • Assistance in implementing immediate measures and rectification measures
  • Drafting of preliminary and final reports

System compatibility taken into account thanks to comprehensive system and component experience in all areas of rail engineering:

  • Drafting of the concept and characterisation of practical suitability and cost effectiveness
  • Drafting of inception, interim and final reports for international committees
  • Coordination of recommendations for action
  • Coordination workshops
  • Drafting of internal expert appraisals
  • Assistance in qualifying suppliers
  • Support for systematic capability analyses of suppliers (management systems, production processes and product offerings)
  • Assessment of optimisation solutions and concepts proposed by suppliers
  • Evaluation of innovations in infrastructure technology
  • Involvement in cross-functional procurement teams (CFT-B) comprising consumers, purchasers and technicians
  • Formulation of recommendations for action
  • ​Technical consulting for strategic purchasing
  • Technical, operational and economic analyses for assisting with decisions and selecting alternatives
  • Development of recommendations for action and selection
  • Drafting of regulations and coordination with those parties involved
  • Documentation of application experience
  • ​Derivation of recommendations for updating regulations and guidelines
  • Analysis of existing IT programs
  • Concepts for optimising IT systems and processes
  • Safety planning and formal verification
  • Development and implementation of optimised management processes
  • ​Documentation of measures
  • Drafting of preliminary/project and feasibility studies
  • Formulation of technical statements with solution-oriented assessments, evaluations and proof of conformity
  • Analyses and investigation of complex topics that cover several technical areas
  • Drafting of concepts
  • Simulations and calculations
  • Measurements, analyses, trial testing and diagnosis of components and systems in the laboratory, on the test stand and in the vehicle
  • Risk assessments
  • ​Consulting on complex technical topics
  • Definition of requirements for ensuring target operational and maintenance quality, including data collection and data preparation
  • Description of quality requirements using RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) characteristic values
  • Life cycle cost (LCC) calculations
  • Assessment of economic benefits
  • ​Formulation of recommendations for action for technical and strategic decisions

More information about our varied and diverse range of services can be found on our pages competences.