Now online - the new DB Systemtechnik activity report 2022/2023

Article: Now online - the new DB Systemtechnik activity report 2022/2023

Read the excerpt of the new activity report of DB Systemtechnik. Learn more about the company's developments and the services provided by our more than 1,110 colleagues.

TMS, UBS,  3D Scan and Print Technology, Condition-based Maintenance or Infrastructure Monitoring. These are just some of the topics from a large number of customer projects that DB Systemtechnik and its British subsidiary DB ESG present in their latest activity report.

The almost 80-page work can now also be viewed in the DB Systemtechnik download area.

Technical and digital solutions for customers

The engineering and testing service provider will be presenting a large number of exciting reference projects. The focus is on technical and digital solutions for procurement, operation and maintenance as well as testing in laboratories, testing facilities and with our own measuring vehicles or rail vehicles in the approval process.

Few examples

You are welcome to browse through the performance report yourself to find out more about the exciting and varied projects, challenges and solutions of DB Systemtechnik. Here is an excerpt of some examples:

  1. Measuring the aerodynamic load of freight wagon superstructures
  2. Condition-based maintenance boosts efficiency: application example at DB Cargo
  3. Digitalising reality–as-is assessment for depot design using 3D scanning technology
  4. On the track of progress–a look behind the scenes of infrastructure monitoring
  5. Increasing efficiency, reducing costs: Reducing the energy consumption of rail vehicles
  6. Unified Braking Scheme (UBS): innovative solution for increasing transport capacity in rail freight transport
  7. Visualising complex solebar repairs using printed 3D models
  8. Wheelset diagnostics system on the Rhaetian Railway
  9. Telemetry solution for vehicle monitoring
  10. Extensive engineering on advanced TrainLab (aTL) by our engineering experts