DB Systemtechnik the employer

Article: DB Systemtechnik the employer

We, Europe's largest competence center for railway technology, are the engineering office of Deutsche Bahn and a leading service provider in the railway sector for engineering and testing services.

With more than 1,000 employees at 19 sites, we are dedicated to answering all our customers' questions about the rail system. We have access to the very best specialist knowledge in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Inspections
  • Digital products
  • Approval management
  • Maintenance systems
  • Measuring equipment
  • Consulting

We understand rail technology and combine traditional railway know-how with digital expertise. Our day-to-day work ensures that trains can run, people can travel and important goods can be transported. Focussing on service and providing the best quality for our customers are our top priorities.

And we are proud of it!

DB Systemtechnik – starke Technik mit einem starken Team!

Dimitra Vassilopoulou | Munich
Marketing Professional 

"As part of my Master's degree in Business Administration, I was on the look-out for a marketing position to write my thesis. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere during my interview was what clinched it for me. After completing my Master's degree, I started work as a marketing consultant and, after almost six years, earned the title Marketing Professional. The varied activities, but also the incredibly wide range of products/services that make up our company, constantly present new challenges to me as a 'non-engineer'. Even after six years at DB Systemtechnik, I've still got lots to learn."

Dr. Dorothée Stiebel | Munich
Head of Acoustic and Vibration Technical Competence

"I was looking for a hands-on job when I came across DB Systemtechnik with its wide range of tasks, good working conditions and both national and international projects. Through my specialist work and by managing various projects, I have been able to really develop professionally and today I am head of the Acoustic and Vibration department. As well as helping to implement upcoming planning projects and carrying out measurements and consultations, my team and I also work on innovation and development projects. What I particularly like about the job is how DB Systemtechnik employees can really make a difference and do their bit to protect the environment and the climate."

Julius van Diepen | Munich
Laboratory Manager for Aerodynamics and HVAC Technology Component Testing

"I joined DB Systemtechnik straight after my degree in an engineering consultant position, which was a perfect fit for me in terms of salary and working conditions (flexible working hours, for example). I undertook further training as a test manager in railway operations, which enabled me to quickly become deputy testing laboratory manager. After two periods of parental leave, I was able to play an active role in setting up and building a new laboratory, including a test rig, in the years that followed. Just one and a half years after completion of the laboratory, I became laboratory manager. Having the flexibility to set my own working hours, days and work, and to organise it in a way that leaves me with plenty of family time is something I really appreciate about my work here at DB Systemtechnik."

Martin Olschewski | Frankfurt am Main
Senior Digital Consultant

"On the one hand, I am interested in overcoming the challenges of digitalisation and, on the other hand, after many years of working in the automotive industry, I wanted to find out about the issues surrounding the rail system, so that's why I chose to work for DB Systemtechnik. I am now working in a highly qualified and well-motivated environment on exciting digitalisation projects in the railway sector. What I really appreciate about my work is that the large number of ongoing digitalisation initiatives offers me a wide range of development opportunities and that, as a DB Systemtechnik employee, I often receive a vote of confidence right from the start of a project. I think that says a lot about the working environment at DB Systemtechnik!"

Neele Hartmann | Minden
Testing Project Manager

"Working at DB Systemtechnik means we are at the exciting place where innovation meets engineering. Due to the diversity of the projects we handle, new tasks and challenges await my colleagues and me every day; and we solve them by working together and pooling our vast array of different experiences. I really appreciate how we share knowledge during our discussions, support one another and have contact with international clients! As a newcomer to rail, I have already been able to gain a lot of knowledge about railway technology through appropriate training and helpful colleagues; and that knowledge is growing every working day."

Steffen Kuhn | Brandenburg-Kirchmöser
Team Leader for System Planning and Process Design

"Although I didn't know DB Systemtechnik before I joined, I have been with the company for ten years now. During this time, I was able to make my way from subject specialist for underfloor wheel lathes to senior consultant and on to team leader. I am still absolutely delighted about the deep expertise I find in my colleagues and the appreciation we receive from our customers as a result. At work, my team and I are actively involved in a huge variety of projects. These range from various conversions of existing buildings to new depot buildings or the conceptual design of new plants, such as a new type of concrete sleeper reconditioning plant or a robotic plant for removing paint from wheelsets using water at high pressure."

DB Systemtechnik offers …

As an employer, we offer an attractive overall package with a wide range of professional development and long-term career opportunities, fair pay, good employee benefits, modern working conditions and much more.

Do you want to be part of a company where appreciation, respect and openness are put into action every single day? Welcome, you are in exactly the right place!

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We are delighted that you are interested in a career at DB Systemtechnik