Article: Simulations

of components, subsystems or vehicles (FEM and MBS analyses)

We carry out static and dynamic mechanical simulations of components, subsystems or vehicles for you in order to analyse and optimise the influence of damage, repairs or design changes and their dynamic running behaviour.

Structural strength (FEM analysis)

  • Carrying out strength calculations during the design phase
  • Calculation of screwed and glued joints
  • Damage analyses on wagon body, bogie and components after accidents or wear
  • Concepts for vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Carrying out damage calculations (fatigue strength tests)
  • Calculation of crack propagation – especially for axles – by performing fracture mechanics calculations and deriving UT intervals

Running characteristic (MBS analysis)

  • Analysis for approval according to EN 14363 for modifications to the vehicle (e.g. unsprung masses, spring stiffness, wheel profile)
  • Optimisation of operating performance by changing the wheel profile, for example
  • Root cause analysis of derailments
  • Extension of inspection intervals through analysis and evaluation of the influence of component parameters during wear
  • Simulation of load spectra for scoping
  • Investigation of crosswind effects