Test laboratory for propulsion technology

Article: Test laboratory for propulsion technology

Tonnage rating, anti-skid protection, energy consumption, diesel locomotive suitability, impedance, etc.

Our test laboratory utilises state-of-the-art, proven measuring equipment when conducting static and dynamic tests. We can offer you test procedures for analysing standard measurement tasks as well as provide individual, customised measurement services:

  • Electrical and mechanical tests for the powertrain
  • Electrical tests for power supply systems
  • Accompanying measurements during field tests
  • Data loggers that can be operated and read out by remote control

Accredited test procedures

  • Our test laboratory in Munich is accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) in the area of brake tests for rail vehicles in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • The accreditation encompasses the relevant test procedures, e.g. in accordance with UIC 550, 550-3, UIC 626, TSI (vehicles), TSI (energy). See the appendix for the accreditation certificate.
  • DB Systemtechnik is QMS certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

The detailed and latest list of activities/test procedures in the flexible scope of accreditation in the testing laboratory "Propulsion technology" can be found in this PDF (coming soon):

Our tests and test quantities

  • Powertrain measurements (tractive/braking force, powertrain vibrations, anti-skid protection optimisation, wear, tonnage rating ascertainment for traction units)
  • Online driving resistance analysis (measurement of route topography, traction force at the wheel/rail contact point via measurement of traction force on the draw hook)
  • Blending of the dynamic and pneumatic brake systems
  • Diesel locomotive suitability (energy supply, performance factor, interaction of the power supply systems between the diesel locomotive and passenger car)
  • Power supply systems in railway vehicles (efficiency, frequency-selective input impedance, direct current on-board power supply)
  • Power measurements on overhead line equipment (voltage, current, harmonics, temperature)
  • Thermodynamic analyses, emissions and consumption measurements for diesel locomotives and diesel multiple units (preheaters and heat retainers, cooling capacity)
  • Fuel consumption measurement (efficiency of propulsion system for combustion traction units)

Our special-purpose measuring vehicles
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Our testing facilities
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