Acoustics and vibrations

Article: Acoustics and vibrations

Noise emissions, noise evaluations, speech intelligibility, etc.

We can provide the assistance you need to address your acoustic and vibration concerns:
For people and the environment

  • Guideline and limit values for immissions and emissions protection
  • Legal aspects
  • Noise and vibration effects, psychoacoustics
  • Noise and vibration assessment at areas of work
  • Perceptibility of acoustic warning signals
  • Interior acoustic noise/privacy
  • Speech intelligibility

For vehicles

  • Noise emissions of vehicles (rolling noise, powertrain noise, noise from auxiliary equipment, aerodynamic noise, curve and brake squeaking)
  • Acoustic properties of vehicle components (e.g. wheels, brake shoes, fans, environmental control systems)
  • Vehicle-side vibration influences
  • Noise and vibration-reducing measures for the vehicle
  • Acoustic signalling equipment
  • Interior acoustics and interior vehicle sound propagation (passenger area and driver's cab)

For infrastructure

  • Noise and vibration emissions along rail transit routes
  • Acoustic quality of the rail running surface and acoustic properties of the permanent way (e.g. rail pads, ties)
  • Infrastructure-side noise-reducing measures (e.g. specially monitored track, sound barriers, rail web dampers)
  • Infrastructure-side vibration-reducing measures (e.g. mass-spring systems, sub-ballast mats, highly elastic rail fastening devices)
  • Noise and vibration emissions of bridges
  • General traffic noise, noise mapping
  • Noise in expansive areas (e.g. marshalling yards, transshipment stations, holding sidings)
  • Acoustic properties of infrastructure components (e.g. retarders)
  • Micro-pressure waves, acoustic warning signals, construction noise and construction-related vibrations

Our equipment

Test laboratory: If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for acoustics and vibrations in Munich.