• Aerodynamics

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Article: Aerodynamics

Crosswind, pressure comfort , fixed barriers, etc.

We will assist you with all aerodynamic topics and issues that belong to the overall rail system:

  • Aerodynamic loads for configuring vehicles and infrastructure components (e.g. noise barriers) on outdoor track and in tunnels
  • Drafting of specifications for trains, tunnels and other infrastructure components
  • Assessment of running resistance by taking targeted measurements
  • Tunnel ventilation flow and smoke extraction
  • Micro-pressure waves: forecasting techniques, planning of tunnel portal hoods and compliance tests
  • Pressure changes when entering a tunnel, e.g. safety of crossing mixed trains, loads on tunnel doors, pressure comfort for passengers
  • 3D flow simulations, e.g. energy savings by optimising air in- and outlets or reducing aerodynamic resistance
  • Crosswind safety verification for vehicles and railway lines (here you can find a video on the subject of crosswind)
  • Safety assessment regards train-induced airflows in underground stations acting on passengers standing on the platform
  • Qualification tests for barriers for workers safety at railway work sites

Our equipment

If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as by employing our specialist engineers at the aerodynamic test laboratory in Munich.