Air Conditioning

Article: Air Conditioning

Heating ventilating air conditioning, refrigerants, railway suitability, air quality, saving energy, etc.

We will assist you with your questions regarding the topic of climate control and air-conditioning systems:

Vehicles and components

  • Specialist railway engineering for all environmental control system applications (passenger area and driver's cab, special designs) and galley cooling systems (normal cooling and deep freezing)
  • Specification of requirements for new purchases, add-on air conditioning systems and redesign of regular and special vehicles; safeguarding of the compliance of vehicles and components delivered
  • Simulation of thermodynamic processes (refrigeration units, heat exchangers) using tools based on object-oriented programming (Modelica)
  • Functional optimisation of existing systems with respect to comfort requirements, efficiency, durability, railway suitability and availability
  • Air quality, filters, cleaning, maintenance
  • Accompaniment of trial testing activities, use of mobile data loggers

People and the environment

  • Saving energy (development of targeted measures, assessment and assistance in implementation)
  • Pressure protection systems and pressure comfort
  • Environmental protection and compliant concepts (e.g. refrigerant with minimal global warming potential, natural refrigerants)
  • Environmental influences (snow, sand, ice, dirt/contamination, temperature and humidity)
  • Active involvement in standardisation committees for improving the comfort and environmental compatibility of air-conditioning systems

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the climate testing laboratory in Minden, which is equipped with a stationary "MEikE" climate testing chamber.