Brake systems / Brake operation

Article: Brake systems / Brake operation

Whisper brakes, brake controllers, wheel slide protection, signalling systems, simulations, etc.

We can assist you with your brake operation and brake technology concerns in the following areas:

Brake configuration of rail vehicles and components

  • Functional support for all types of vehicle (from freight cars through to high-speed rail (HSR) multiple units)
  • TrainBraC calculations (vehicle brake calculations)
  • Quantification of the braking performance of vehicles, comprehensive test evaluations
  • Consulting with respect to converting freight cars to composite brake shoes
  • Determination of compliance with climbing steep gradients
  • Consulting for all technical brake questions and issues, including for technical approvals in other countries

Brake systems of rail vehicles and components

  • Complete brake configuration of freight cars, in particular with respect to K shoes and LL shoes

Know-how in

  • Generating and conditioning compressed air and systems that require active monitoring
  • Brake controllers (from pneumatic to control system configurations)
  • EP/EBO systems
  • Wheel slide protection devices
  • Bogie car brakes and sanding equipment
  • Friction brakes/magnetic track brakes/eddy-current brakes
  • Consultation for the development of brake components (e.g. wheel slide protection equipment and pneumatic components)
  • Certification of brake components
  • Maintenance: concepts, instructions, optimisation

Brake operation

  • Drafting of guidelines and regulations
  • Fleet monitoring services
  • Analysis of inductive train safety device information (DSK)
  • Operational braking specifications for train protection systems (e.g. ETCS and continuous automatic train-running control systems (LZB))
  • Provisioning of experienced inspectors for brakes and couplers to monitor braking operation and maintenance as well as conduct training seminars


  • Calculation of braking curves for all common signalling systems, including the ETCS
  • Dynamic driving calculations, including those involving the use of the DYNAMIS software application
  • Dynamic train simulations using the TrainDy software application
  • Temperature simulations
  • Software-based development of operational brake tools, statistical methods in simulation
  • Training seminars for the TrainBraC software application

Our equipment

If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for brake systems in Minden.