Fatigue strength

Article: Fatigue strength

Analysis of component damage, strength assessments, rehabilitation concepts, etc.

We can provide the assistance you need to address your structural requirements and operative function concerns as they pertain to mechanical load:

For vehicles:

  • Analysis of component damage (accident-related damage, cracks, wear)
  • Strength analyses of repair work
  • Development of repair concepts
  • Analysis and, if required, tolerance of damaged vehicle structures
  • Strength verifications based on computational analysis and laboratory testing
  • Analyses of accidents by computer simulations
  • Crosswind calculations (characteristic wind curves, CWC)
  • Multi body simulation of vehicle concepts
  • Measurements to determine operative load stresses
  • Shunting tests
  • Testing of load securing equipment

For railwayvehicle components:

  • Structural requirements of vehicle bodies (EN 12 663)
  • Structural requirements of bogie frames (EN 13749)
  • Structural requirements of axle shafts (EN 13261)
  • Structural requirements of wheels (EN 13262)
  • Structural requirements of wheelset bearing housings
  • Structural requirements and characteristics of buffing and draw gear
  • Structural requirements and characteristics of vehicle springs
  • Characteristics of hydraulic dampers
  • Operative performance of wheelset bearings (EN 12082)
  • Structural requirements of side windows (UIC 566, EBA VwV NEA)
  • Crack propagation tests on various components

For infrastructure components:

  • Structural requirements of  rail track welds
  • Structural requirements of  switch components
  • Structural requirements of  track installation brackets
  • Structural requirements calculations of rail components

Our equipment

If required, we will make use of our test laboratories such as the laboratory for strength testing. We also offer testing applications with groove clamping areas and load portals.