Non-destructive testing

Article: Non-destructive testing

Wheels, axle shafts, rail track, etc.

We will assist you with your questions regarding the topic of non-destructive testing in the industry sector of railway maintenance.
To this end, we will leverage our know-how of non-destructive testing methods, from manual testing of individual vehicles through to automated and mechanised testing techniques for entire fleets. Manual rail inspections are also offered as well as formal acceptance and maintenance of your rail inspection train or rail grinding machinery.

  • Selection and validation of suitable test procedures and testing techniques
  • Drafting and approval of maintenance procedures (process descriptions, inspection instructions, design-specific inspection plans)
  • Analysis of non-destructive testing logs and damage analyses to define testing procedures, testing techniques, testing areas and testing intervals
  • Consulting for procuring, tendering and drafting functional requirements for your non-destructive testing systems
  • Technical inspection approvals, maintenance and periodic formal recognition of your non-destructive testing systems
  • Production and approval of railway-specific reference blocks
  • Inspection of your non-destructive test centre as part of verifying the competency management process
  • Supplier qualification (manufacturer-related product qualification (HPQ))
  • Independent, expert assessor services
  • Training of testing and inspection personnel
  • Further education events for non-destructive testing and exchanging experience
  • Development of new, innovative testing technologies for better safety and efficiency

Our experts are also:

  • EBA experts, inspectors and instructors in training
  • Represented in national and international standards committees as well as in technical committees of the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP)
  • Level-3 testers in UT, MT, PT, RT, ET, VT in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for non-destructive testing.