Rail track technology

Article: Rail track technology

Rail profiles, curves, application forces, voltage, travel motion, out-of-round wheels, weighbridges, etc.

We can provide the assistance you need to address your concerns as they apply to the mechanical load forces on rail tracks and components in stationary track systems:
In permanent ways:

  • Rail profiles, rail cross-section profiles, rail longitudinal profiles, rail profile development
  • Curved track intersections, curves
  • Application forces, voltage, travel distances, rail track loads
  • Rail expansion joints, curve expansion and contraction
  • Levelling elements, settlement, voids
  • Resistance to lateral and longitudinal track displacement

On bridges and structures:

  • Strain, temperature and distance (short and long-term measurements)

At track installations (signals, railway traffic areas):

  • Vibrations, bumps/jolts, ice discharge, shocks

On stationary track systems:

  • Identification of out-of-true wheels (out-of-round detection system (DafuR)), including train detection
  • Vehicle detection stations, e.g. for cross-frontier traffic
  • Weighbridges, measuring tracks

Our equipment

If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for driving technology and rail track technology.