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Engineering, development, testing, condition analysis, approvals

We will assist you by helping to ensure that your rail operations are both cost effective and safe:
The tribology/tribotechnology department of DB Systemtechnik GmbH supports railway operating companies in implementing cost-effective, safe rail operations by optimising the lubrication, friction and wear of vehicles and technical installations.
Examples of services provided include condition-dependent maintenance and the extension of lubricant change intervals. We also offer consulting and testing services for new lubricants to improve the reliability of supply for operations.

Our main topic areas for you:

Development of railway-specific lubricants

In many cases, both domestic and international standards provide insufficient technical application specifications for railway-specific lubricants when it comes to accurately describing their properties based on qualified test procedures. We have developed technical specifications for numerous applications and achieved clear alignment with their use by means of many in-house DB test methods. In conjunction with lubricant manufacturers, our test services can show the right way for patterns of development. All the criteria of the DB specification and the subsequent field test must be fulfilled before the approval certificate can be issued. "Approved by DB" enjoys worldwide recognition as a seal of quality for lubricants. 

Damage analyses of tribological systems 

If damage occurs, our engineers will support you with advice and assistance to identify the cause and develop a suitable solution. We will also provide assistance in the case of warranty claims. Decades of caring for the Deutsche Bahn vehicle fleet have given us extensive experience in widely diverse railway-related tribological systems, and we can make all of this know-how available to you to assist you in your operational activities.

Production of lubricant-related maintenance documentation

We will analyse your maintenance processes, log all the lubricating points and lubricants and develop lubrication plans specific to your operation. We would also be happy to help you with procurement so that you always use the lubricant that suits your operation when you purchase a new machine.

Creation of lubricant-related maintenance documentation

We analyze your maintenance processes, record all lubrication points and lubricants and develop lubrication plans tailored to your business. We would also be happy to support you with procurement - so you always get the lubricant that suits your business with every newly purchased machine.

Tribological consulting

We will determine the optimisation potential available by analysing your operation as well as help you introduce a lubricant management policy as part of trial testing activities. In the process, our tribology experts can provide targeted assistance by training your employees and adapting your maintenance documentation accordingly. Armed with these measures, you will effectively reduce the number of different lubricants you use while lowering procurement costs.

Condition analysis of lubricants and insulating oils from the company

As experts in the field of analysis of lubricants, fuels and insulating oils, we offer you competent services for the monitoring and maintenance of your equipment, vehicles and components. Our analyzes are an essential criterion for the condition assessment, a tool for early detection and avoidance of damage to your components and thus the guarantee of smooth functioning and operational safety. These condition analyzes provide the basis for optimizing your maintenance costs through condition-dependent replacement intervals.

Our gear
We have 5 specialist testing laboratories ( Kraftstoffe ÖleSchmierfette Spektroskopie and Tribologische Prüfungen). 

Our accredidation and certificates

The laboratories of the Tribology/Tribotechnology department are accredited and thus guarantee the highest quality standard. A total of around 120 test methods, 45 of which were developed in-house, and a team of ten laboratory staff and engineers are available to carry out quality-oriented analyzes and tests and to solve tribological problems.

List of test methods of the tribology

Our appraisers

For complex questions about tribological systems, we can involve EBA-recognized experts from the DB Systemtechnik expert organization if necessary.More information here.