Wheel/rail contact

Article: Wheel/rail contact

Wear, rolling contact fatigue, bench tests, track tests, material tests...

We support you with your questions about wheel/rail contact:

  • Clarification of causes and remedial measures in the event of wear and rolling contact fatigue damage to wheels, rails and switches
  • Use of materials and testing in the system network of wheels and rails
  • Testing of new materials, designs and maintenance procedures for wheels, rails and switches on large wheel/rail test benches and on the track
  • Testing of noise protection, anti-skid and lubrication measures on large wheel/rail test benches
  • Crack propagation tests on wheelset axles on large wheel/rail test benches
  • Diagnostic methods for determining the condition of rails and switches

Our gear

We have threePrüfeinrichtung Rad-Schiene-Kontakt. If required, we can also carry out tests on your test vehicles in our materials laboratory.