List of paint systems and powder coating companies

Article: List of paint systems and powder coating companies

June 2023 list now available!

(Kirchmöser, Brandenburg, January 2023) Rail vehicles and components built specifically for Deutsche Bahn must be coated using qualified coating systems.

Within Deutsche Bahn, DB Systemtechnik GmbH has overall responsibility for the approvals process for surface coating systems used on rail vehicles. This includes liquid and powder coatings (i.e. paintwork), anti-graffiti protective coatings and films. For powder-coated components, the use of qualified powder coatings and a qualified powder coating company are preconditions for acceptance of a vehicle.

Qualification of liquid coatings, powder coatings and powder coating companies

DB Systemtechnik GmbH is drawing on the wealth of experience that coating experts possess in relation to using these systems in rail operations and is using this information to further develop the Group's internal regulations for the qualification of liquid coatings (DBS 918 300), powder coatings (DBS 918 340) and powder coating companies (DBS 918 340), and to adapt them to current conditions.

Focus on graffiti removal and fire protection

In addition to the classic requirements regarding corrosion prevention and adhesion to various surfaces (roughness), special requirements also exist for rail vehicles, e.g. resistance to graffiti removers and cleaning agents or, currently, compliance with EN 45545 ("Fire protection on railway vehicles").

Coating manufacturers from all over Europe are adapting to the requirements of Deutsche Bahn AG and are producing new and improved coating materials for qualification by DB Systemtechnik GmbH. In recent years, rail vehicle and component manufacturers have become increasingly interested in obtaining information about qualified coating systems and qualified powder coating companies.

List of "paint systems and powder coating companies" now online!

Since June 2019, DB Systemtechnik has provided the current lists of qualified paint systems and powder coating companies every six months at

Clicking on the picture takes you to the lists of DB-qualified liquid paints, powder paints and powder coating companies:

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