Digital and even more precise - Rail depot measuring and testing equipment (EWF)

Article: Digital and even more precise - Rail depot measuring and testing equipment (EWF)

The DB Systemtechnik team from Chemnitz is developing a new measuring device for determining the measuring circle diameter of wheels, wheel tires, and tire-covered wheels (EWF 5572.19).

For manufacturers, operators and maintainers of rail vehicles and rail infrastructures, Rail depot measuring and testing equipment (EWF) is an irreplaceable part of their daily work.

With their help, conformity tests are carried out in operation and it is determined whether the operating dimensions are still being adhered to or whether manufacturing and maintenance targets have been achieved in individual cases.

The fact that these accurate, workshop-compatible and durable measuring devices represent a perfect compromise between full digitization and manageability is demonstrated by the latest development from DB Systemtechnik using the example of the 5572.19 measuring device. 

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The measuring instrument for determining the diameter of a circle is now available in the familiar, manageable, electronic form with even greater precision. The measurement result is determined with three times the accuracy and displayed immediately. This means that the gauge can be used in a much wider range of applications, as the expanded measurement uncertainty has been reduced accordingly.

It is suitable for use on mounted and dismounted solid wheels, as well as on wheel tires and wheels with tires.

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