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Rail company, certification, accreditation and recognition

DB Systemtechnik is a highly specialised service provider that provides technical services for railway-specific tasks and issues

To ensure that trains reach their destination safely and on time, extensive know-how and precision are required. Customers throughout the rail sector are supported in exactly this capacity – with individual solutions, in accordance with standards and requirements, on time and of the highest quality.

Certification, accreditations and recognitions of the DB Systemtechnik Group are an important basis for its business activities and proof for manufacturers, retrofitters, operators and maintenance technicians that they can rely on its know-how:

DB Systemtechnik

Is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

has EBA-recognised expert assessors as well as other technical expert assessors

has its own rail company in Germany

has an inspection body accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17 020

cooperates closely with NoBo and DeBo for Germany, Railway Approvals Germany (RAG), which is part of the DB Systemtechnik Group

is AsBo and has an accredited inspection area for independent safety assessment in accordance with CSM-RA (EU Regulation)

is an associate partner of the EBC (EISENBAHN-CERT)

has 13 testing laboratories accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 with the appropriate test procedures required for the approval of vehicles, components and infrastructure (in 27 areas of competence with over 200 test procedures)

is an administrative assistant to EBA for the certification of entities in charge of maintenance

DB Systemtechnik is a participant in the German government's Energy Efficiency Networks initiative
This enables us to benefit from independent expertise, create energy transparency through energy audits and reduce our energy costs in the long term.


  • EBA: Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (Federal Railway Authority), supervisory, licensing and safety authority for railways and rail companies in Germany (more information at
  • EBC: EISENBAHN-CERT, certification and inspection body for complex rail systems and components (more information at
  • ECM: Entity in Charge of Maintenance: Maintenance obligation for keepers of railway vehicles according to § 4 Allgemeines Eisenbahngesez/AEG (more information at
  • RAG: Railway Approvals Germany GmbH (RAG), subsidiary of DB Systemtechnik GmbH, which offers vehicle approvals. It is recognised in Germany as a Designated Body (DeBo) and as a Notified Body (NoBo) by the Federal Railway Authority.
  • RAL: Railway Approvals Limited (RAL), subsidiary of DB Systemtechnik GmbH, which offers vehicle approvals. It is recognised in Great Britain as a Verification Body (VeBo), Designated Body (DeBo) as well as a Notified Body (NoBo) and Assessment Body (AsBo).
  • CSM-RA: Common Safety Methods – Risk Assessment
  • AsBo: Assessment Body (checks conformity according to CSM-RA)