ARAT: Advanced rail asset technology (framework)

Article: ARAT: Advanced rail asset technology (framework)

Do you want digitalised end-to-end asset management from a single source?

Would you like to ...

  • have digitalised end-to-end asset management from a single source that offers all topics relevant to you in a modular way, from data acquisition, detailed component analyses and proactive fleet monitoring to support for ECM functions?
  • prevent vehicle downtime through proactive fleet monitoring and identify the core causes of vehicle downtime?
  • increase the availability and reliability of your vehicles, reduce costs, keep the cost structure of your vehicle fleet in check or know which of your components causes the biggest problems so that monitoring makes good financial sense?
  • have software-based support for ECM functionalities that optimises processes, reduces sources of error and lowers costs?

Our proposed solution for you:

By integrating our existing products and services in the area of digital asset management even more closely, we can create a holistic fleet monitoring solution for you.

Impressive added value:

  • We are the only provider with combined expertise in vehicle engineering, operation and maintenance processes, vehicle-land data communication, data analytics and big data
  • Intelligent and self-diagnostic vehicle data logger box with fallback scenarios for partial failures
  • Application management of the logger boxes for long-term quality assurance over their entire life cycle
  • Combination of big data expertise, fundamental data analysis, in-depth engineering expertise and specialist knowledge of components
  • Expertise pooled in competence centres for almost all components (drive system, vehicle control system, brake, coupler, doors, air conditioning system, running gear, wheelsets)
  • DB Systemtechnik can offer all elements of the value chain from a single source