Information technology

Article: Information technology

Displays, announcements, seat reservations, CCTV surveillance, etc.

As experts in the field of information technology, we offer a wide range of customised services for the following systems:

Passenger information systems

  • Displays and announcements (compliant with TSI-PRM)
  • Dynamic passenger information (communication between train and back office systems)
  • Seat reservations
  • On-train machines (ticket cancelling and vending machines)
  • Station displays and clocks
  • Information and emergency help points

CCTV surveillance

  • Locating the best camera position
  • Determining recording quality and illumination level in accordance with EN 50132-7 (Rotakin method)
  • CCTV surveillance ↔ PIS interface

Bus systems and vehicle networks


Passenger communications/infotainment

  • On-train WLAN/internet
  • Mobile coverage repeaters
  • Infotainment (news, advertising and travel information)

Public adress (PA systems

  • Speech intelligibility (measurements compliant with STIPA, RASTI, EN 60268-16)
  • Driver/driver and driver/passenger communication

Intercom systems

  • Automatic passenger counting systems (APCS)
  • APC <--> PIS interface

Integration with comfort systems
Vehicle location

  • Constant vehicle location and transmission of location data
  • Central location system for comfort systems

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for information technology in Munich.