Welding technology

Article: Welding technology

Railway vehicle manufacturing, construction testing, standards and regulations, etc.

Welding technology for railway vehicle

Our team of experts for welding technology in the field of joining applications can assist you in the following areas as a skilled service provider:

  • Welding technology for railway vehicle manufacturing
  • Welding construction testing in railway vehicle manufacturing (design and manufacturing testing)
  • Certification of welding shops in accordance with EN 15085-2/DIN 27201-6 and of operations for thermal spraying in accordance with DIN 27201-10
  • Certification of welding consumables in the area of rail engineering
  • Standardisation, DVS and DB-internal regulations for welding technology in railway vehicle manufacturing

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our materials testing laboratory to address your specific concerns.

Traack welding technology

rails and switches

In the field of joining technology, our specialist advice in superstructure welding technology is available to you as a competent service provider on the following topics:

  • Superstructure welding technology in the rail segment
  • Superstructure welding technology in the turnout segment
    • Process assessment and application advice
    • Material, welding filler material and technology optimization
    • damage analysis
  • Our equipment: We provide you with measuring and diagnostic technology for the assessment of material and usage properties in the track. In addition, we have test benches for original components and full-scale samples.