Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Article: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Protection of people, compatibility with implants, calculations ...

We support you with your questions about the topic "electromagnetic compatibility":

  • Electromagnetic fields in the track area, influence of signaling systems and technical equipment by electromagnetic fields or electricity (e.g. LST components, cables, pipes)
  • Compatibility of vehicles with track vacancy detection systems: -Track circuits (interference current) -Track sensors (e.g. axle counters, wheel sensors, level crossing loops)
  • Influencing/compatibility of security systems (Support and implementation of projects for fault analysis or limit value derivation)
  • Lightning/surge protection of signaling systems
  • Definition of EMC requirements in specifications (vehicles)


  • we create driving and short-circuit current diagrams as a working basis for influence calculations (16.7 Hz) and
  • work with various EU projects (e.g. EUREMCO, ECUC)

Our gear If necessary, we will call in our test laboratories for your questions, e.g Prüflabor Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) in Munich.