Pantograph / Catenary

Article: Pantograph / Catenary

Catenary installations, dynamic response, uplift forces, contact forces, etc.

We will assist you with your questions regarding the topic of pantographs and catenaries, including their operative interaction:

  • Electric-powered traction units with pantographs, including multiple traction configurations
  • Overhead lines and overhead line installations
  • Current collection systems
  • Dynamic response, transfer functions
  • Aerodynamic uplift forces over the speed range of pantograph assemblies
  • Contact forces in conjunction with installing or converting wind deflector plates (aerodynamic optimisation)
  • Contact forces between contact strips and contact wires
  • Contact forces dependent onwith the dynamic profile height or dynamic lateral position of the contact wire
  • Safe/low-wear operation of overhead lines
  • Uplift of contact wire at redirected and linked support points of the contact wire for through-passing of pantographs

We also offer:

  • Certification of pantographs (TSI) and overhead lines (TSI), including inspections
  • Computer-based simulations in accordance with EN 50318 (contact forces and uplift)
  • Aerodynamic optimisation of pantographs
  • Consulting and approval management with regard to the interaction of the pantograph and overhead line

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific topics, such as the test laboratory for pantographs and overhead lines in Munich. This laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art pantograph test stand for analysing performance at speeds of up to 350 km/h.