Risk management (safety)

Article: Risk management (safety)

System definitions, assessment of hazards, risk management process

We will assist you when it comes to risk management by assessing the technical and operational risks of railway vehicles, infrastructure, wheel/rail interfaces and regulations, among other issues:

  • Significance test, creation of system definitions
  • Identification and assessment of hazards
  • Selection of appropriate risk acceptance principles
  • Determination of measures for minimising risks
  • Drafting of hazard records
  • Documentation of the risk management process (CSM-RA) for safety verifications in accordance with VV IBG regulations (administrative regulations governing the approval procedures for the placing into service of railway vehicles) and EN 50126 requirements

As safety assessment body i.a.w. CSM-RA for:

  • Independent safety assessments
  • Safety assessment reports documenting safe integration

As trainer for risk management

  • For CSM-RA

On committee work

  • With regard to EN 50126, SIRF* and CSM-RA** for actively creating risk management policies

     * SIRF: Safety guideline requirements for vehicles, * *CSM-RA:                      Regulatory provisions (EC) 352/2009 or (EC) 402/2013

as AsBo according to CSM-RA for

  • the independent safety assessment and
  • the creation of the security assessment report for secure integration

as a risk management trainer

  • to CSM-RA

about committee work

  • to EN 50126, SIRF* and CSM-RA** for the active design of risk management

    * SIRF: Sicherheitsrichtlinie Fahrzeug, * *CSM-RA: Verordnungen (EG) 352/2009 bzw. (EG) 402/2013