Running characteristics

Article: Running characteristics

Safety against derailment, veering-out resistance, roll angles, wheel force tolerances, etc.

We can provide the assistance you need to address your driving technology concerns, from ascertaining the torsional rigidity of bodies through to optimising wheel profiles. In detail:

  • Load stresses placed on points of turnout
  • Safety against derailment: along twisted track and in curved track intersections (small wheels)
  • Veering-out resistance and yaw torque
  • Clearance of bogies when veering out
  • Real transverse play control curve plotted by combining veering-out force and transverse pressure
  • Roll angle and roll coefficient, centre of rotation
  • Rigidity and play/clearance (longitudinal and lateral pressure testing)
  • Torsional rigidity of bodies and bogies
  • Tracking and wheel contact forces (e.g. curved test track) and wheel force tolerances (including vehicle weighing)
  • Tracking and wheel contact forces (e.g. curved test track)
  • Wheel contact angle, wheel profile, concentricity, wheel diameter
  • Long-term tracking of wheel profile wear
  • Optimisation and development of wheel profiles
  • Quantification of travelling comfort i.a.w. EN 12299
  • Load spectra, loading safety

Our equipment 
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratories for strength testing, acoustics and vibrations or environmental control systems.