Power supply

Article: Power supply

Traction optimisation, traction force, efficiency, acceleration, etc.

We can assist you with your power supply concerns as they pertain to rail vehicles by providing various service offerings, which include:

  • Traction optimisation (anti-skid protection, powertrain vibrations)
  • Tractive force
  • Start-off load limits
  • Thermodynamics
  • Combustion engine rail vehicles (e.g. cooling output for traction units)
  • Electrical efficiency of consumers in traction and rolling stock
  • Diesel locomotive suitability of power supply systems for passenger cars
  • Input impedance of power supply systems
  • Acceleration on gradients
  • Residual acceleration in the high-speed range
  • Functional operability under minimum and maximum overhead line voltage

In addition:

  • Energy consumption
  • Power supply systems
  • Dynamic interaction in locomotives and passenger cars
  • Power supply systems in passenger cars and traction units
  • Diesel locomotive suitability of power supply systems in passenger cars and locomotives
  • Exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of combustion engine rail vehicles

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratory for battery technology.