Article: Bogie

Tilting system, component optimization, chassis adjustment...

We support you with your questions about chassis of rail vehicles:

  • Adjusting the bogies taking into account wheel contact forces, height dimensions, vehicle limitations
  • Calculation of vehicle main dimensions (vehicle limitation), restriction calculation
  • tilting technology
  • Components: upgrading and optimization
  • Interaction of chassis/track
  • Research into the causes of defects, failures or accidents (e.g. derailments)
  • Maintenance: concepts, instructions, optimization
  • Technical regulations
  • Future-oriented chassis concepts
  • State-of-the-art safe operation

Our gear

If necessary, we will call on our test laboratories for your questions, e.g. B. the test laboratories Prüflabor Betriebsfestigkeit or Prüflabor Fahrtechnik.