Oils test laboratory

Article: Oils test laboratory

Approvals, quality assurance, condition assessment

Everything from a single source: By leveraging processes for approval and conformity testing, accompanying operational testing and numerous condition analyses of oils, we can make a major contribution to using resources as effectively as possible as well as detect and avoid damage to components early on.

Accredited test procedures

  • The proficiency of our test laboratories in Munich for testing in the following areas was accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS): physical, physical-chemical and chemical analyses of lubricants; element quantification in lubricants via wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis; sampling of lubricants.
  • The entire list of our accredited test procedures can be found in our accreditation certificate.
  • DB Systemtechnik is QMS certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

The detailed and latest list of activities/test procedures in the flexible scope of accreditation in the testing laboratory "Oil" can be found in this PDF:
Prüflabor Tribologie-Tribotechnik - Aktuelle Liste Prüfverfahren im flexiblen Akkredtierungsbereich (Stand 29.06.2022)

Our tests and test quantities


We can realise the following test conditions:

  • State-of-the-art analytical methods
  • Application of innovative methods to quantify particulate matter concentrations in a bypass flow, for example
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Development of application-specific test procedures
  • Approval tests in accordance with technical specifications
  • Conformity tests for quality monitoring of oils
  • Approval tests for new products
  • Condition analysis of oils for optimising maintenance intervals
  • Cost-effective processes by way of LIMS application

We offer these tests:

Please refer to the list of test procedures for our entire portfolio of testing and inspection services.

Liste der Prüfverfahren der Tribologie

Condition analysis of used lubricating oils 

As experts in the field of analysing oils, we provide you with professional services for monitoring and maintaining your diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and other components.

Our analyses are a major factor in condition assessment, a tool for early diagnosis and the prevention of damage to your components, and thus make a major contribution to ensuring the lubricative quality of your oil.

The basis for optimising your maintenance costs by condition-dependent oil change intervals.

Quantification of particulate matter concentrations in hydraulic transmission fluids on site

We will come to you with our measuring equipment, connect it as a bypass to the oil circuit and can immediately make a qualifying statement about the level of purity of your hydraulic transmission fluid in accordance with ISO requirements.

Quality assurance in lubricant supply

A supply of high-quality lubricants to ensure faultless operation is essential to every railway undertaking. We develop specifications and test procedures, conduct approval tests and check each batch of safety and operationally relevant lubricants for compliance with the relevant requirements before delivery. We attempt to qualify several providers for each type and grade of lubricant and audit these manufacturers.

Compatibility tests

Can I mix oils? What interactions are there with the seals used? Why does the system no longer work? We answer these and many other questions by carrying out compatibility tests, for example, which are also appropriately included in the DB specifications. To this end, we blend mixtures in various proportions and conduct application-specific tests. Elastomer compatibility can be tested using original components to obtain direct results for the application.