Testing of information technology systems

Article: Testing of information technology systems

Passenger information systems, video, loudspeakers, etc.

Our services can be rendered in our IT laboratory and in a wide range of rolling stock. We can assist you with the questions and issues you have in the area of information technology:

  • Prototype testing
  • Preliminary checks to avoid rolling out faulty software and data supplies in production systems
  • Verification of the modularity of components by testing for compliance with specified interfaces and protocols
  • Product certifications for establishing procurement alternatives
  • Reduction of testing effort in production systems by provisioning appropriate testing, reference and simulation environments
  • Reproducibility of test results safeguarded and sufficient in-depth testing according to the requirements specification (tender specification)
  • Functional verification documents for borderline cases that require a great deal of outlay to check in passenger service operation.

DB Systemtechnik is QMS certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Our tests


Our wide range of IT-based test and acceptance procedures for components of rail vehicles and stations encompasses the following areas:

  • Passenger information systems (FIS), e.g. data supplies, indicators, loudspeakers, call stations
  • Sales systems in trains (ticket cancelling and ticket machines)
  • Transit traveller information systems (RIS) for dynamic travel time estimates, delay notifications and automatic onward connection displays
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Bus systems and vehicle networks, e.g. data networks and train and vehicle bus protocols
  • Public adress (PA) systems  (e.g. standard testing of speech intelligibility)
  • Automatic passenger counting systems (APCS)
  • Vehicle location positioning (satellite-based and odometric)
  • Radio interfaces (GSM-P/GPRS/UMTS/LTE)

Our test procedures

  • Determination of recording quality and illumination level of video surveillance equipment in rail vehicles in accordance with DIN EN 50132-7 (Rotakin method)
  • Measurement of speech intelligibility using STIPA and RASTI measurement methods in accordance with DIN EN 60268-16