Vehicle electrics

Article: Vehicle electrics

Contactors, connectors, cables & busbars, cable glands, electrical fire protection, etc.

We will assist you with your questions regarding the topic of vehicle electrics and develop optimal solutions!

Our Know-how for you in detail:

We offer rail companies, repair and maintenance facilities as well as vehicle manufacturers solid engineering services in the field of electrical propulsion technology – independently and in line with your requirements:

  • For servicing your rail vehicles: Our comprehensive knowledge and holistic approach to vehicles help to avoid vehicle downtime and expensive consequential damage. By evaluating data and leveraging our many years of experience, we can identify components that require attention and develop appropriate alternatives.
  • For accompanying and consulting during the procurement process: By specifically defining and accurately describing projects, component properties and services, we will work together with you to create effective concepts and realistic requirements. We can therefore safeguard the implementation of these concepts and requirements when carrying out design reviews, tests and acceptance activities.
  • With tests, damage analyses and expert appraisals: In the event of a damage incident, we examine the affected assemblies, clarify failure causes and devise rectification measures for you to avoid future assembly downtime and damage.

We coordinate potential areas of economical and technical improvement and assist you in implementation.

  • When it comes to the energy consumption of the fleet: Our solid, well-established know-how in electrical subsystems on board railway vehicles allows us to identify targeted areas in which energy savings can be realised (e.g. by monitoring consumption) and help you achieve these savings. In some cases, a great deal of energy can be saved simply by implementing basic operative measures.
  • When it comes to qualifying suppliers: Different objectives must be coordinated to avoid delivery bottlenecks and costly inventory levels. We can help you select suitable suppliers, define cost-effective procedural approaches, carry out quality assurance checks and accept contracted work and deliveries.
  • When it comes to maintaining, repairing and modernising: We can leverage the many decades of expert knowledge we have acquired in catering to a wide range of vehicle types employing various different electrotechnical technologies. This, in turn, allows us to answer all of your questions, define and draft maintenance guidelines and coordinate individual measures (such as whether a particular energy-savings strategy really is beneficial).

Our fields of expertise


  • Control cabinets, underfloor containers, cableways

Assessment of railway suitability

  • Contactors (all rated classes)
  • Overload protection (all rated classes)
  • Motor protection switches (all rated classes)
  • Plugs & connectors (all rated classes)
  • Series connectors (all rated classes)
  • Cables & busbars, wagon transition cables, cable routing
  • Cable glands
  • Conduit systems (for electrical lines) and socket circuits

Circuit systems

  • Control functions of the traction system and on-board electrical system that use conventional circuitry

Fire protection

  • Electrical fire protection

Our equipment
If required, we will make use of our test laboratories to address your specific concerns, such as the test laboratories for battery technology (e.g. in relation to the railway suitability of electric and electronic components).