Adhesive and welding records

Article: Adhesive and welding records

Welding records:

  • Design tests (Test of welded structures – Part 1)
  • Production inspection (Test of welded structures – Part 2)
  • Field test for certifying welding companies (EN 15085-2)
  • Field test for certifying thermal spraying companies (DIN 27201-10)
  • Certification of filler materials
  • Drafting of welding repair plans
  • Specialist consulting on welding engineering in rail vehicle construction

Adhesive records:

  • Design tests (adhesive design test)
  • Production inspection (adhesive construction process test)
  • Proof of adhesive compliance
  • Test engineering investigations into adhesive-bonded joints
  • Drafting of adhesive repair plans
  • Specialist consulting on adhesive bonding