CBM and predictive maintenance data and system validation

Article: CBM and predictive maintenance data and system validation

Are you looking for an end-to-end approach to facilitate condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance for your production process maintenance?

A lack of predictive maintenance planning, rising maintenance costs, very complex conventional regulations (without data focus), lack of structures or unclear specifications and processes in the CBM environment: these are all current obstacles when it comes to implementing condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Would you like to ...

  • overcome these obstacles and facilitate CBM or PDM in your maintenance processes, taking an end-to-end approach?

Our proposed solution for you:

We can support you with an end-to-end approach to establishing CBM or PDM in your maintenance processes.

This starts with the idea and extends via the data path to implementing a new maintenance strategy and a legally compliant regulation change.

To be more precise ...

We offer you a modular selection of the building blocks you need. These include:

  • Project manager
  • Process development and launch
  • Project support, assessment and consulting on:
  • Use case development and assessment, fit of standards and regulations, safety case, proof of compliance and documentation, safety assessment and documentation, preparation of expert panel, establishment of a secure data path, selection and implementation of telematics devices, partner management, development of KPIs, application management, maintenance implementation, ECM support and transfer to operations (end-to-end)

Impressive added value:

We will be by your side from the very beginning through to implementation and also incorporate experience from our completed CBM projects so you can benefit.