CCM: Continuous component monitoring

Article: CCM: Continuous component monitoring

Would you like to increase the availability and reliability of your vehicle fleet?

Would you like to ...

  • increase the availability and reliability of your vehicles?
  • reduce costs or keep the cost structure of your vehicle fleet in check?
  • know how your components and systems are being used and which of your components causes the biggest problems so that monitoring makes good financial sense?

Our proposed solution for you:

We develop customised solutions for your rail vehicles under your specific operating conditions.

To be more precise ...

We use advanced analytics, big data and engineering approaches to identify and monitor those components of yours that are relevant to availability and are driving up costs.

Armed with this information, we then develop corrective actions and maintenance tasks, as well as deadline adjustment strategies to reduce your costs and increase the availability of your vehicles (predictive maintenance for components).

Impressive added value:

  • Creation of transparency surrounding the usage, condition, long-term behaviour and criticality regarding failure of components and systems
  • Increasing the reliability and availability of vehicles
  • Cost reductions through:
  • - System and maintenance-optimised component-specific predictive maintenance
  •  Usage and fault-dependent dynamic modification of deadline planning