CIM: Continuous infrastructure monitoring

Article: CIM: Continuous infrastructure monitoring

Do you want to continuously monitor your railway infrastructure in order to detect and rectify faults at an early stage?

Conventionally, railway infrastructure is tested at great expense by special diagnostic vehicles. Deteriorating infrastructure is often not recognised early and large safety margins have to be planned in. Malfunctions occur and repairs have to be carried out at short notice, leading to high costs and reduced availability.

Would you like to ...

  • monitor your railway infrastructure and thus detect infrastructure faults at an early stage and make predictions about the condition of the infrastructure?

Our proposed solution for you:

  • With CIM, we can design and install sensors on regular trains, store and transmit data, and evaluate model-based data for monitoring the railway infrastructure and for early detection and, if necessary, prediction of the infrastructure condition.
  • CIM has a modular structure and can consist of any or all of the elements CTM, COLM, CFM, CGM and COM:

Impressive added value:

We handle the complete CIM process chain and provide you with the requisite expertise and tools.

Our expertise includes a modular, railway-approved hardware concept for data acquisition and transmission, a generic data structure, the integration of software for evaluating data, as well as visualisation and LCC models.