Track measurement and diagnostics: CTM 2.0 – Continuous Track Monitoring

Article: Track measurement and diagnostics: CTM 2.0 – Continuous Track Monitoring

Condition-based infrastructure maintenance is crucial to ensuring that an operator's scheduled operations can run smoothly. Our CTM 2.0 system enables you to continuously record the condition of your railway infrastructure (longitudinal rail level and vertical track geometry). The system can be installed in or on any rail vehicle. It independently records measurement data, automatically sending it to a landside infrastructure control centre for analysis. Use our system to continuously inspect your tracks and to adopt a more targeted approach to scheduling your maintenance tasks.

Our services: 

  • Provision of robust measuring instruments: 6 million km of fault-free operation 
  • Continuous monitoring of infrastructure with regular trains
  • Support for maintenance providers in scheduling maintenance tasks based on analysis and interpretation of measurement data
  • Many years of operational experience
  • System knowledge of interaction between vehicle and track

Your benefits:

  •  Predictive maintenance: early detection of rail infrastructure problems, with the error rate more than halved after 5 years
  • Maintenance cost optimisation by up to 30%
  • Enhanced operating quality and availability by obviating speed restrictions
  • Monitoring the sustainability of maintenance tasks
  • No additional work thanks to automated recording of measurement data