Procurement support

Article: Procurement support

In the area of technical consulting, we provide you with expertise in relation to procurement support.

The following individual products are available:

  • Formulation of vehicle specifications
  • Support in procuring vehicles through to contractual acceptance
  • Support for commissioning and warranty management
  • Quality checking of the components already at the manufacturer (quality inspection)
  • Approvals according to all current DIN/EN/other countries' standards
  • Approval management for vehicles
  • System design to ensure interoperability requirements are met (e.g. conformity tests)
  • Conversion support
  • Technical support for new developments
  • Supervision and evaluation of type tests and first article inspections
  • Design tests (adhesive design test)
  • Production inspection (Test of welded structures – Part 2
  • Production inspection (adhesive construction process test)