Provision of instrumented wheelsets

Article: Provision of instrumented wheelsets

Development, sale and leasing

DB Systemtechnik is a global leader in developing and manufacturing instrumented wheelsets. We will work together with you to determine how our instrumented wheelset technology can be best utilised for your specific application and will develop the appropriate wheelset almost entirely irrespective of the constructional and design characteristics of the original wheelsets.

Areas of application for instrumented wheelsets

  • Operational approval of rail vehicles in accordance with EN 14363 and other technical specifications
  • Inspection or approval of tracks in accordance with Guideline 821, for example
  • ​Recording of operating loads for providing proof of strength

You can rely on our expertise – we will be happy to advise you!

  • Over 440 instrumented wheelsets successfully built and operated
  • Applications possible worldwide for all track gauges
  • Including for wheelsets, low loaders and roller test beds
  • Maximum mileage per instrumented wheelset of more than 500,000 km verified in sample testing
  • Maximum speeds of over 400 km/h verified
  • Wheelset loads up to 25 t
  • Wheel diameters of 360 mm to 1,250 mm
  • Larger diameters can be easily accommodated (e.g. for roller test beds)