STIM: Stationary Infrastructure Monitoring

Article: STIM: Stationary Infrastructure Monitoring

Are you looking for solutions to detect movements on the railway infrastructure at an early stage and you do not want to worry about data availability yourself?

Would you like to ...

  • detect movements on embankments, in tunnels, in building structures or on bridges at an early stage?
  • prevent landslides, washouts, track subsidence, cracks and fractures in load-bearing parts?
  • and not worry about data availability yourself?

Our proposed solution for you:

We provide you with sensor technology that will detect the smallest movements in infrastructure components, while also monitoring the transmission and storage of this data on a quality, functional and technical level.

In addition, we evaluate this data together with extra information from weather stations, for example, and use it to calculate possible hazards or the current condition of the infrastructure.

To be more precise ...

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Avoid potential technical failures during scheduled operations
  • Avoid expensive cancelled services and vehicle salvage operations
  • Avoid personal injury
  • Visualise the actual situation and make predictions
  • Benefit in various other ways by analysing data

Impressive added value:

We lease you a complete sensor system for your application including suitable data processing (covering delivery of the sensor data to the visualisation and evaluation system, application management and safeguarding of data quality and availability).