"FLIRT" brake test in Romania for use in the South Wales

Article: "FLIRT" brake test in Romania for use in the South Wales

The Swiss rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler from Bussnang had commissioned DB Systemtechnik to carry out braking approval tests for multiple units of the type "FLIRT" for Transport for Wales.

The aim of these approval tests is the deployment of the FLIRT multiple units (see also Stadler press release) by the rail transport company Transport for Wales on the rail network in South Wales.

On the road on the test ring in Faurei

The tests were carried out on the test ring in Faurei, Romania, in accordance with European and English regulations (TSI LOC&PAS and GMRT 2045) and were successfully completed in February 2023.

Test program in several campaigns

In cooperation with the Stadler team, the test experts from DB Systemtechik in Minden developed an efficient measurement campaign.

The project team from Stadler and DB Systemtechnik "in the snow" in front of the FLIRT test vehicle in Faurei.
The test involved three FLIRT vehicle types that can run electrically, diesel-electrically or on battery power:

  1. Class 756/0: 3-part bi-modal battery multiple units (BMU-B3)
  2. Class 756/1: 4-part bi-modal battery multiple units (BMU-B4)
  3. Class 231: 4-part diesel multiple units (DMU4)

View from the driver's cab of the bimodal multiple unit (BMU) on the test ring in Faurei.
The main services and test contents of the measurement campaign were:

Provision of measurement equipment and vehicle scales in Faurei

  1. Tests of braking force and braking functions at standstill
  2. Driving tests to determine the braking performance in two loading conditions
  3. Driving tests to check the anti-skid function
  4. Additional tests in multiple traction, including diagnostic functions