Article: Assessment

Vehicles and infrastructure

We offer expert opinions and expert assessments for vehicles and components.

DB Systemtechnik and its inspection body are recognised by the EBA and the EBC.

As an inspection body, we guarantee, together with our inspectors and experts recognised by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA), that evaluations will be prepared in good time and as required in the context of the relevant national or international approval procedure for technical equipment (vehicles/infrastructure, components, parts). They will also be drafted in the correct formats – as reports (expert opinion, test/audit report or evaluation/inspection report), technical certificates or verifications.

Vehicles and components


  • Testing of aerodynamics/crosswind (click here for a video about crosswind)
  • Proof of aerodynamics and safety in crosswind

Electrical equipment

  • Testing of electrical equipment in rail vehicles

Vehicle running systems

  • Testing of vehicle running systems, proof of running systems

Passenger information system

  • Public address system


  • Testing of strength with a focus on vehicle superstructure, bogie frame, running gear, anti-crash equipment, buffing and draw gear
  • Testing and evaluation of strength, FEM, structural mechanics, crash test
  • Testing of vehicles in terms of component and part strength, structural dynamics, vibration identification, experimental modal analysis and testing of windows
  • Testing of wheelsets with a focus on the wheelsets themselves and axleboxes
Adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts in acc. with DIN 6701-2
  • Class A4, bonding design class A1

Air conditioning systems

Wheel / axle boxes

  • Tread-braked wheelsets and wheelsets for HSR and passenger traffic

Welding engineering for vehicles and vehicle parts

  • Carrying out field tests as a prerequisite for issuing the certificate for welding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts according to DIN EN 15085-2, DIN 27201-6 and DIN 27201-10
Safety and risk analyses


  • Expert assessments
  • Safety-related classification
  • Testing of pantograph with a focus on pantograph/overhead contact line/third rail interaction
Buffing and draw gear

Train control/train protection system   

Vehicles and components, infrastructure            

Control-command and signalling, electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in the low frequency range

Control-command and signalling, GSM-R radio equipment

  • Testing of proof of function for GSM-R terminals and train radio, shunting movement and general voice service applications

Measuring and testing equipment

  • Assessment of the metrological characteristics of measuring and testing instruments, devices and equipment (PMTE)


  • Suitability of test processes, calibration, monitoring of testing equipment

Damage analysis

  • Materials engineering and weak point analyses

Independent safety assessment

  • Vehicle, energy supply, system integration

Non-destructive testing

  • Non-destructive testing of components, parts and materials


  • Acoustic studies and assessment of the impact of noise in the vicinity of rail transport facilities and other installations, as well as the associated regulations

Safety and risk analyses

Train protection system

  • Testing of proof of function
  • Design review and acceptance testing in the subarea of train control systems designed for continuous automatic train-running control application systems (without operational or generic systems)


  • Expert assessments
  • Safety-related classification

Damage analysis

  • Materials engineering and weak point analyses

Train formation yards

  • Train formation technology and process engineering, train arrestor engineering and gravity shunting dynamics
  • Process engineering and retarder technology