Operation and maintenance support: For facilities and plant

Article: Operation and maintenance support: For facilities and plant

During the operating phase, we can take care of numerous infrastructure-related tasks on your behalf. This is to ensure you meet your responsibilities in terms of facilities and to support your interests in protecting and caring for your plant and machinery.

We can provide you with the following individual products:

Structural monitoring and inspections

Are you responsible for a structure whose condition you have to monitor?

There will usually be numerous structures with a significant book value inside the depot fence. For newer structures in particular, it is very important to assess their condition and take steps in good time to secure their value in order to avoid expensive consequential damage. For older structures, the focus is on ensuring that they are operationally safe, structurally stable and safe for the public. DB Systemtechnik can help you to fulfil your obligations in this regard, as laid down in Guideline 804.8001.

Our services:

  • Classification of structures into booklet structures and book structures according to Guideline 804.8004A01, based on a rating system
  • A structure book or a structure booklet is created for each structure, depending on how it has been classified
  • Specification of the type and scope of inspections, depending on how the structures have been classified
  • Monitoring, inspection and, if necessary, assessment of other engineering structures according to Guideline 804.8001, e.g. o Vehicle halls, maintenance sheds o Roofs o Inspection and work pits, etc.

Your benefits:

  • Early integration of neutrally identified measures into budget planning
  • Internal commissioning of a structural inspector who is experienced in workshop facilities
  • Qualified fulfilment of your legal obligations in relation to your infrastructure responsibility, while also focusing on the core functions in the line organisation
Expert opinions regarding mechanical engineering

Is your plant not usable as planned? Do you need a neutral investigation to determine the cause?

In the event of accidents, damage or inadequate plant performance, the manufacturer's and operator's opinions about the underlying causes quickly diverge. Experts on the manufacturer's side are rarely interested in an objective determination of the cause and quickly put the operator on the defensive. In such cases, expert technical support will help you to assess your claims accurately; obtain arguments for enforcement; and demand appropriate measures to remedy any shortcomings in the plant. As a neutral third party and recognised inspection body, DB Systemtechnik is ready to provide you with specialists who are experienced in workshop equipment.

Our services:

  • Recording of cases of damage to plant, machinery and equipment
  • Malfunctions
  • Failure of machine components
  • Analysis of the causes of production shortcomings and cases of damage
  • Consulting on finding solutions quickly and avoiding downtimes
  • Consulting on maintenance-related corrective action
  • Expert opinions for disputes with suppliers

Your benefits:

  • Strengthening of your negotiating position through
  • an independent, certified service
  • Incorporation of empirical data obtained from various manufacturers and sites
  • Access to mechanical engineering specialists, laboratories and a pool of experts in materials and welding technology, as well as the accredited Calibration and Testing Unit
  • Identification of cost-effective corrective action thanks to a holistic understanding of vehicle and component maintenance based on knowledge of production engineering
Depot site plans

What format are the design documents for your facility in and are they up to date?

Up-to-date as-built documents in the latest formats are needed to quickly and accurately assess development options and come up with infrastructure responses to market requirements. We can help you to complete, supplement and merge different design revision levels and transfer them into complete, editable documentation for facilities in a modern format. These documents help you to give better quality responses, and to provide them faster, in the context of approval processes and when faced with enquiries from customers and suppliers.

Our services:

  • Drawing validation through on-site measurement and comparison of drawing revision levels including format merging
  • Preparation of CAD drawings as 2D site and floor plans
  • Integration of specific site information as a component of tenders for construction or supply services (site facilities, safety authorisation plan, etc.)
  • Preparation as usage-specific formats such as
  • Fire brigade deployment and action plans
  • Escape and rescue route plans
  • ECM 4 approval documentation
  • Update documentation for IVL and Flimas plans

Your benefits:

  • Exclusion of business liability risks from faulty as-built plans
  • Reduction of process times and uncertainties in
  • processes vis-à-vis supervisory and licensing authorities as well as other public interest groups
  • your own design projects and further development projects
Awarding contracts for FM services at workshops

Do you want to contract out facility management services for your plant?

By contracting out FM services and other subcontracted work, you can give your full attention to achieving efficient production while also optimising costs and maintaining the value of your real estate and production facilities. The call for tenders sets the course for a perfect partnership in which service concepts are geared to demand.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the secondary processes suitable for awarding
  • Definition and determination of requirements identified from the usage profiles: volumes, frequencies, priorities, reporting requirements
  • Definition and description of qualities to be achieved (service level), selection of suitable key performance indicators and calculation bases
  • Drafting and handover of functional and results-oriented tender documents
  • Expert monitoring of the award procedure including formulation of an award proposal according to an agreed evaluation matrix
  • Support during the implementation phase for transferring the services into regular operations

Your benefits:

  • Cost savings in procurement through functional and results-oriented tender documents and opening up for broad supplier competition
  • Reduced risk of claims through the use of contract documents that have been coordinated with legal and purchasing departments
  • Best practice through comprehensive market and product knowledge of FM service concepts, including current user feedback from DB depots
Regulations for infrastructure planning, operations and maintenance

Which regulations must be followed inside the depot fence and at which stage by the client, asset officer and contractor? How can these be kept up to date?

Specifications for the construction, operation and maintenance of track infrastructure are defined by the regulations of DB Netz AG. These regulations, however, do not always apply to your transport company. We can help you to choose which regulations are financially relevant and legally compulsory for you and, if required, agree on the co-validity of the specifications for your transport company. We advise you on drafting simplified regulations, especially for requirements inside the depot fence, and, if desired, continue this support by formulating recommendations for action and incorporating adjustments that reflect changes made to external regulations, e.g. from the EBA, DB Netz AG or DB Energie GmbH.

Our services:

  • Compilation of the regulations required for depot infrastructure
  • Preparation and monitoring of a qualified enactment process
  • Drafting of user-specific regulations to increase profitability in infrastructure creation, operation and maintenance
  • Management of the change and adjustment service with identification of possible required actions and alternatives
  • Drafting of safety cases, collection of case-by-case approvals, preparation of company-internal approvals to obtain special or exemption permits
  • Providing user training on external regulations and those with co-validity

Your benefits:

  • Reliability and resilience in planning and approval processes
  • Employee participation in specifications for particular depots to minimise expenditure
  • Legal certainty and creation of audit-ready documentation to provide evidence of plant-related specifications of the ECM Directive