CYRA: Cybersecurity for railway applications

Article: CYRA: Cybersecurity for railway applications

Are you looking for solutions for your data, software and applications that really live up to the name of cyber security?

The need for action from a cyber security perspective is obvious, as the following examples demonstrate:

  • In Germany, the need for maintenance is increasing as the "Strong Rail in Germany" strategy is being implemented
  • In the rail sector, condition-based maintenance (CBM) using digital products is becoming increasingly significant
  • For almost every operator and manufacturer, the acquisition, transmission and evaluation of condition and sensor data is becoming more and more important

This means that cyber security challenges are growing for all companies in the railway industry and IT/OT security and safety need to be integrated to overcome them.

Our proposed solution for you:

We take a holistic view of OT and IT security for your security-relevant applications in line with your requirements.

We then develop the generic regulatory framework from this information and provide you with tools to use in security analyses.

To be more precise ...

With our expertise and many years of experience, we can support you with, for example:

  • Software development for safety-relevant applications (EN 50657 and so on)
  • Assessment of software for safety-relevant applications (EN 50657 and so on)
  • Safety assessment and approval of railway components (EN 50126 and so on)
  • IT security; establishment and governance of ISMS (ISO 27001 and so on)

Impressive added value:

We advise you on how to develop, apply and validate cyber security measures in line with regulations (provision of expertise regarding the new TS 50701 linked to EN 50126/EN 50657 and ISO 27001).

In addition, our specialist knowledge of software development and software assessment for security-relevant applications will stand you in good stead when it comes to cyber security.