Data: Application management

Article: Data: Application management

Are you looking for a service provider to take care of data transfer devices, data transfer, data availability, data security and data storage for you?

Would you like to ...

  • receive data from telemetry devices?
  • not monitor data transfer yourself?
  • not worry about data availability yourself?
  • have a quality-assured data repository?
  • retain data at all times and not lose any of it?
  • have a contact person who supports you immediately in case of any problems, adjustments or changes?

Our proposed solution for you:

We provide you with a one-stop data management service. This includes IT-side and business-side application management, as well as data quality management.

To be more precise ...

We take care of communication with device manufacturers for you and manage the scaling volume of devices and SIM cards, as well as their contracts.

In addition, we ensure that the data is permanently available and monitor the quality of the data to be stored and its entry into the cloud on the basis of several performance characteristics.

Impressive added value:

We offer data quality and SIM card/device management in several stages – and across different manufacturers.

We are happy to manage contract issues with manufacturers and SIM providers centrally on your behalf.