Digital twin

Article: Digital twin

Are you looking for digital images of the real world to optimise your processes and business results?

Would you like to ...

  • use digital images of the real world in future to answer your strategic business questions in order to optimise business results?

Our proposed solution for you:

Using real-time data from IoT sensors as well as other operational and external sources of information, a virtual mirror image is created whose condition can be monitored and optimised in real time.

To be more precise ...

We offer:

  • Development of a digital twin concept
  • Project management and coordination
  • Engineering sensors and telemetry
  • Certification and approval
  • Data recording and processing
  • Application management
  • Evaluation and visualisation

Impressive added value:

We are experts in vehicle sensor installation and remote data transmission to the land side.

Coupled with our specialist knowledge of data, this means we can offer you a comprehensive product in each and every respect.