Production and repair of non-destructive testing equipment and accessories

Article: Production and repair of non-destructive testing equipment and accessories

Hand-held internal probes, UFPE-Light (underfloor inspection system), VPS-Ring

Hand-held internal probes (testing for operationally related damage in axles with a longitudinal hole)

With our hand-held internal probes, you can conduct operational testing on the vehicle without removing the wheelsets.

Crucial advantages:

  • Reproducible testing and test sensitivity as for stationary systems
  • Different versions depending on axles, with convenient handling
  • Manual interior testing of axles means lower costs for the operator in comparison with the procedure of removal, transport and returning to service

Technical details:

  • A variety of designs depending on inner diameter from 25 to 110 mm
  • Versions for 45° and 70° activation angles
  • Adapted adjusting blocks
  • We produce our own manual interior probes and adjusting blocks in the accredited laboratory
  • Proven design and rugged engineering suitable for workshop use
  • Drafting of inspection instructions and inspection plans in accordance with DIN 27201-7
  • Training and familiarisation of inspection personnel in cooperation with the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP)

UFPE-Light (testing of rail surfaces for two-dimensional material separations)

UFPE-Light is an indispensable item of measuring equipment for checking the rail surface for two-dimensional material separations. This critical scenario may lead to major damage during operation.

Crucial advantage:

  • With our technical solution, you can conduct wheelset tests remotely and flexibly to detect this fault.

Technical details:

  • Ultrasonic testing involving lifting and turning the wheelset
  • Ultrasonic probes in holders suspended in cardan bearings for optimum adaptation to the wheel tread
  • Manufacturer's certificate in compliance with DQS ISO 9001
  • Determination of depth of the flaw position in the A-scan
  • Test wheel in a separate rack as adjusting block with couplant collecting tray
  • Integrated reference defects at the wheel/rail
  • contact stress maximum
  • Direct and autonomous couplant supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply to safeguard
  • inspection results
  • In-process inspection to check for two-dimensional material separation at the stress maximum
  • Ultrasonic test equipment in a compact modular design (RACK)
  • Inspection results in an evaluation-friendly and structured
  • bar chart with integrated echo amplitude evaluation
  • Determination of depth of the flaw position in the A-scan
  • Measured variables: KRS 2 mm
  • Technology: transmitter/receiver configuration

VPS-Ring (testing of solid axles while they are still on the vehicle)

The mobile unit of the solid-axle ultrasonic testing system (VPS-Ring) can be used to test the solid axles of trains and freight wagons while they are still on the vehicle. This means lower costs and better quality maintenance services at the same time.

Crucial advantage:

  • The time-consuming process of lifting the wheelset to position the VPS-Mobil with the cranking system is no longer necessary.

How the technology works:

Two VPS-Rings are placed around the shaft to be tested and rotated at a fixed distance from each other. Ultrasonic testing can be carried out with the help of this technology.