Infrastructure consulting: From the concept to variants and on to feasibility

Article: Infrastructure consulting: From the concept to variants and on to feasibility

We help you to identify infrastructure requirements from your production task, translate them into different implementation variants, then evaluate these by comparing them against one another.

We offer:

Maintenance consulting for tendering teams

How do you find the right maintenance concept for your bid and which cost items does this require, in which amounts?

Transport contracts are won by bids with favourable cost structures. They become a business success when they contain the necessary level of investment to enable operations to run as efficiently as possible over the entire term. During the bidding phase, we can help you to navigate the process of configuring, selecting and costing the maintenance concept for your transport bid quickly and to a high standard. For this purpose, we use reference values from current projects, both for the maintenance requirements of the vehicles and for implementation of the infrastructure.

Our services

  • Analysis and combination of boundary conditions: market requirements; technical, structural, legal or regulatory requirements and restrictions
  • Identification of required maintenance, modification or construction of new workshop, treatment and track systems during the contract period
  • Drafting of an infrastructure profile with details of the operating concept, capacity determination, workshop equipment and interfaces with service facilities
  • Key financial data with estimate of cost plan and list of annual instalments
  • Support in the detailed coordination of documents with the agencies involved

Your benefits:

  • Cost and decision certainty for your business plan or business case
  • Anticipation of competitor bids by costing other competing concepts
  • High quality of evidence and ability to assert your case if measures are being financed by the purchaser
  • Long-term auditability of documents, e.g. for external audits
  • Reliable implementation thanks to coordinated information for scheduling as well as for further cost and profitability analyses
Investigations into different variants

What are the development options for your production? What does this mean for your workshop and treatment infrastructure?

In a saturated market for maintenance services, competitive pressure is high. A strategically oriented infrastructure that can be developed further is essential for ensuring the future viability of such work. We work together with you to design development variants for implementing your maintenance concepts and help you to make decisions on the core factory planning issues of maintenance engineering, production systems and technologies. And we do all this for projects that are about building new vehicle and component workshops or treatment plants, or modernising existing ones.

Our services

  • Compilation of basic conceptual requirements for the vehicle and operating concept, production and infrastructure
  • Formulation of requirement attributes such as the requirements matrix, vehicle working states and maintenance functions in workshops together with the client
  • Development of technology and solution variants
  • Development of conceptual designs such as equipment, space requirements, material logistics, personnel deployment, infrastructure requirements, including estimation of the costs
  • Assessment of requirements for specific maintenance equipment
  • Comparison and evaluation of variants, e.g. by means of utility value or portfolio analysis, SWOT or profitability analysis

How you benefit

  • Decision-making certainty for actively developing your production portfolio
  • Efficient formulation and high quality of results through
  • the specific background of the rail vehicle workshop designers
  • incorporating benchmarks from solutions implemented in DB workshops nationwide
  • Targeted documentation of the variants for your decision-making processes
Feasibility studies

How can the preferred variant be further developed into a project?

To answer this question, we will prepare an initial systematic preliminary feasibility study for your projects. This is a solid foundation for developing the project further and contains the framework data you will need to make an investment decision. Concept studies help to flesh out competitive and sustainable workshop scenarios, as well as to verify sites.

Our services

  • Procurement and analysis of boundary conditions and basic data
  • Planning procedures according to VDI 5200 "Factory planning"
  • Factory strategy with maintenance functions o Production systems for new vehicle classes
  • Structural scoping with structural layout for workshops and logistics
  • Adaptation of the requirements and development of implementation variants at the site
  • Conceptual layout of workshops
  • Logistics
  • Track and transport facilities
  • Estimation of investment requirements, implementation time and initial risk assessment
  • Comparison and evaluation of implementation variants

How you benefit

  • High level of decision-making certainty thanks to
  • consideration of operational, production-related, structural, financial and planning law factors
  • extensive experience from specific workshop projects for rail companies
  • Professional processing of the results of investigations
  • 3D visualisation for a realistic illustration of the structural situation
  • Information for scheduling as well as for further cost and profitability analyses