Inspection services

Article: Inspection services

Type tests within the framework of a conformity assessment according to (EU) 2016/797

DB Systemtechnik and its inspection body are recognised by the EBA and the EBC.

As an inspection body, we guarantee, together with our inspectors and experts recognised by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA), that evaluations will be prepared in good time and as required in the context of the relevant national or international approval procedure for technical equipment (vehicles/infrastructure, components, parts). They will also be drafted in the correct formats – as reports (expert opinion, test/audit report or evaluation/inspection report), technical certificates or verifications.

Inspektionsleistungen auf den Gebieten


Acoustics / Sound

Propulsion technology

Lighting technology

Fire safety& emergency rescue

Braking technology, braking operation

Electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic fields

Facilities PRM

passenger information system (vehicle)
Running characteristics testing
vehicle limitation
vehicle-side electrical energy supply / on-board network


Driver's cab / stand, operation, MMI


Air conditioning (heating, ventilation, AC)

Wheel set, wheel set bearing, wheel, wheel set shaft
Sanitary installations
side window, side window, front window
Software, monitoring / diagnostics


Door, entrance & transition
draw/buffing gear, clutch